Happy New Year!

Lots of things in the mix for the new year… I’ll be participating in some great shows all over the country as well as here in San Francisco so check back for upcoming dates and openings or sign up on my mailing list to have invites mailed to you.

Lately I’ve been working on many small works created for specific shows. It’s a lot of fun and often a challenge to have to work with someone else’s predetermined constraints rather than the free for all that I enjoy in my studio every day. But they’re great creative exercises… and they often lead to unexpected surprises that might turn out to be the beginnings of something more.

This past month has been all about small scale works… much smaller than I usually work with. Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve recently made and sent out to various shows:
Nest, 2007magic_1_web.gifheart_web.gifcrush_web.gifhelium_web.gifburn_web.gifhole_web.gifscribble_web.gifyellowonion_web.gifuntitled_lab_small_web.gifuntitled_lab_web.gif

The works above were from a small series I made for The Lab’s Post-Postcard 11 annual show in San Francisco. I titled the series “these small things…” and considered them studies or warm-up drawings for a large body of work I’m about to begin. They’re all roughly postcard size or smaller. I’m particularly fond of “nest” and “magic”. I did a larger version of “magic” for Artist’s Space Night of 1000 Drawings in NYC last month.

The following little piece was created for a show called “Sustaining our Environment” coming up at the WCA (Women’s Caucus for Art) conference in Fort Worth Texas this year. The theme of the show is postcards made out of recycled materials. They will be auctioned off to benefit the UN. My work is a collage made entirely of used coffee filters, old tea bags, and discarded tea bag string. I fell in love with this little piece and had a hard time parting with it as so often happens with art. I couldn’t help but embed my initials with stitching in the lower left corner of the work.

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. chris Says:

    I love your work—esp the postcards, Last Chance Soul, Nest, and all the early green period.love,c

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