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Exhibition Photos: Chandler Fine Art, SF 2008

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

So, the work has made the transition from my studio table…


…to the gallery walls…









It’s always a bit of a shock to see the work framed, hung, and ready for the public… it’s a happy shock, but one nonetheless. I spend so much time working on it in my studio that I grow accustomed to the way it looks on my studio table surrounded by debris…and available for one more mark. I’m used to seeing it fragile and vulnerable with piles of dusty pastel and pools of ink on the surface. There’s an obvious finality to them under glass in the gallery that is bittersweet for me. The “bitter” part is the intimacy of the artist/painting relationship has been breached and made public which is a sort of loss. The “sweet” is by inviting others to be a part of the work, the work takes on a life of it’s own which is far more exciting in many ways.

I’d like to extend a thank you to Susan and the staff at Chandler Fine Art for doing such an incredible job presenting the paintings and for continuing to support my work. Thank you as well to all of you who made it out to the gallery to see the show!

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