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under dust.

Monday, September 20th, 2010


"Black Eye" in progress.


The show is up. I’m in the honeymoon phase with the work… I think it looks really beautiful. I don’t feel this way all the time, I admit. My perception will shift over time for better or worse… but for now, I have produced a body of work I can stand behind. I’ve never worked harder on a show. I realize that now. It has taken its toll… I’m exhausted on a level that’s deeper than usual. Weary in many ways. 

And so it hangs. Framed beautifully (Thank you Susan, Tom, and Percy at Chandler). It has light and space and air… all the things it didn’t have in my studio when I made it. If you know anything about my studio, you know it’s cramped, packed dense with supplies, beloved artifacts, and work. These things envelop me as I work … and as this series progressed my workspace literally closed in around me. I ran out of room and painted myself into a 4×4′ square. It was awesomely claustrophobic and intimate …and a tad bit self indulgent. An art cave built of layers of my own vision and will. A questionable place to objectively view the work, but ideally suited to view my relationship to the work.

But, as I said, now it hangs… and so begins the process of detachment. I can now stand 10 — even 20 feet away to view the piece. The pieces are now upright (I work down on a table) … perspective. A revelation. I’m separating… adjusting from living within the piece to simply being an observer of it, behind glass. There is beauty and loss in this.

In this post I will share images of how I experienced the work on my studio table. Under layers of pastel dust, surrounded by debris… at the moment of creation. In the next entry I will post pics of the same work installed in the gallery. The sum of these parts tells the complete story of the series.

Under dust:

"Dreamsicle" in progress.


"The Art of Levitation" in progress.


"Memorial Burn" in progress.


"True Love Machine" detail. Pastel dust on surface.


"True Love Machine" detail. Pastel dust on surface.


Painted into a corner. Completed works before delivery to the gallery.


"True Love Machine" in progress.

studio table.

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

If I did still lifes in oil, I would paint this and hang it in an ornate gold frame.

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