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Sylvia White Gallery 4th Annual Juried Show

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Alexis’¬†work “True Love Machine” was selected to be included in the 4th Annual Juried Show at Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, CA.

Exhibition Dates: August 3 – September 3, 2011

Opening Reception: August 6, 3-5pm

Sylvia White Gallery

1783 East Main Street, Ventura, CA

something new.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

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“the future as I see it.” 2011. 11×58″ Ink, Graphite, Pastel on Japanese Kozo Rice paper.

This is a piece that doesn’t translate as well to pixels… hopefully you all will get to see it in person one day. I’ve been experimenting with transparent layers of drawings…where traces of the ground layers remain visible in part. The piece is quite light and airy due to the Kozo and the work itself seems to have a life of its own… edges curl and valleys form as a result of my process (the camera doesn’t capture it). I like that it looks like it may take off and float away if it catches the wind just right.

On my mind: loss. memory. fortune telling. Japanese woodblock printing and scroll work. storytelling/narrative. landscape. an overwhelming amount of dark news.

detail 1 (left side)

detail 2 (middle)

detail 3 (right side)

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