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Thursday, January 31st, 2008

In my past artistic life I was a photographer. I transitioned to painting after many years as a commercial product photographer… a career that ultimately turned me off to working creatively in the field. Recently I re-visited some of my photographic work and made the realization that my first paintings were actually photographs. I completed a series of work in 1997 before graduating college entitled “The Central Freeway Project.” These photographs documented a stretch of freeway in San Francisco prior to its demolition. It was an empty battle scarred stretch of asphalt that ended abruptly and unceremoniously around Fell Street and disappeared soon after I completed the series. I’ve always loved these photos and can now see them as being as much a series of paintings as they are photographs. It’s always nice to look back at old work and find that not only do you still like it, but it holds true to your current vision. Here are a few photos from the series…
Center Divider, C-Print,1997
Center Divider, C-Print, 1997
Asphalt, C-Print,1997
Asphalt Marker, C-Print, 1997
Overlook, C-Print,1997
Overlook, C-Print, 1997

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