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Exhibition Photos: BRUSHSTROKES 2013, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Monday, April 29th, 2013

BRUSHSTROKES 2013, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Directions to Everywhere You Could Possibly Want to Go, (23x30", 2011, Gouache, Pastel, Ink, Graphite on Paper)

Alexis will be showing “Directions to Everywhere You Could Possibly Want to Go” at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in a group show highlighting California Painters. This show was juried by Steven Biller and will include a Juror’s Talk.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Exhibit runs April 5 – May 19, 2013

Artist’s Reception: Friday April 5, 6-9pm, Juror’s Talk by Steven Biller, 5pm

Directions to Everywhere You Could Possibly Want to Go.

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

"Directions to Everywhere You Could Possibly Want to Go."

Revisiting old work… “Unexpected Journey”

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

I just returned from a trip that came on by surprise. During my midnight drive I was thinking about this piece that I made back in 2008 titled “Unexpected Journey.” The title was inspired by an old book I have of the same title about the incredible surrealist painter Remedios Varo.

I haven’t looked at this piece in awhile but am happy that it resurfaced in my consciousness. It still says what I needed it to say. With art making, that is not always the case.

Click image to see larger.

"Unexpected Journey," 2008, 20x20.5" (mixed media on paper)

something new.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

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“the future as I see it.” 2011. 11×58″ Ink, Graphite, Pastel on Japanese Kozo Rice paper.

This is a piece that doesn’t translate as well to pixels… hopefully you all will get to see it in person one day. I’ve been experimenting with transparent layers of drawings…where traces of the ground layers remain visible in part. The piece is quite light and airy due to the Kozo and the work itself seems to have a life of its own… edges curl and valleys form as a result of my process (the camera doesn’t capture it). I like that it looks like it may take off and float away if it catches the wind just right.

On my mind: loss. memory. fortune telling. Japanese woodblock printing and scroll work. storytelling/narrative. landscape. an overwhelming amount of dark news.

detail 1 (left side)

detail 2 (middle)

detail 3 (right side)

under dust.

Monday, September 20th, 2010


"Black Eye" in progress.


The show is up. I’m in the honeymoon phase with the work… I think it looks really beautiful. I don’t feel this way all the time, I admit. My perception will shift over time for better or worse… but for now, I have produced a body of work I can stand behind. I’ve never worked harder on a show. I realize that now. It has taken its toll… I’m exhausted on a level that’s deeper than usual. Weary in many ways. 

And so it hangs. Framed beautifully (Thank you Susan, Tom, and Percy at Chandler). It has light and space and air… all the things it didn’t have in my studio when I made it. If you know anything about my studio, you know it’s cramped, packed dense with supplies, beloved artifacts, and work. These things envelop me as I work … and as this series progressed my workspace literally closed in around me. I ran out of room and painted myself into a 4×4′ square. It was awesomely claustrophobic and intimate …and a tad bit self indulgent. An art cave built of layers of my own vision and will. A questionable place to objectively view the work, but ideally suited to view my relationship to the work.

But, as I said, now it hangs… and so begins the process of detachment. I can now stand 10 — even 20 feet away to view the piece. The pieces are now upright (I work down on a table) … perspective. A revelation. I’m separating… adjusting from living within the piece to simply being an observer of it, behind glass. There is beauty and loss in this.

In this post I will share images of how I experienced the work on my studio table. Under layers of pastel dust, surrounded by debris… at the moment of creation. In the next entry I will post pics of the same work installed in the gallery. The sum of these parts tells the complete story of the series.

Under dust:

"Dreamsicle" in progress.


"The Art of Levitation" in progress.


"Memorial Burn" in progress.


"True Love Machine" detail. Pastel dust on surface.


"True Love Machine" detail. Pastel dust on surface.


Painted into a corner. Completed works before delivery to the gallery.


"True Love Machine" in progress.

“Stuff Your Sorries in a Sack.”

Sunday, July 18th, 2010




Last year I participated in a wonderful show hosted by Art House Co-Op (formerly in Atlanta Georgia, now in Brooklyn, New York). The show was called “Stuff Your Sorries in a Sack.” The directions to participating artists were to fill a little sack with anything “that you need to get off your chest” and once received, Art House would “put your sacks filled with your old baggage out in the open and let people experience what you have moved on from. As we didn’t receive the pieces back, it was indeed an exercise in letting go.I made a small accordion book filled with collage, found art, and handwritten text in Walnut Ink. The paper is French Larroque. Art House provided the burlap sack which I modified to fit the book, hand stitched a personal label with my initials, and tied with my studio’s signature red twine.








9 more things…

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Another glimpse into my studio… todays selections represent assorted collections of odd bits and debris that collect with our without my assistance. Many of these elements show up in my work at times.studio_grid.gif 1. old paint soaked rags and towels.2. collection of ginko leaves (gathered from Ashland, Oregon)3. discarded pastel wrappers.4. assortment of odd metal bits/screws/spare parts.5. small pastel ends. 6. more leaves…7. jar of glass shards.8. burnt matches.9. used rubber gloves. (safety 1st!) 

10 more things:

Friday, April 11th, 2008

continuing on the lists of things in my studio…

1. jumbo super ball
2. dried “globe” flowers
3. old figure studies from college
4. pile of sometimes useful metal junk bits including magnets, allen wrench, and binder clips
5. toy kaleidoscope (gift from artist Mark Dong)
6. aprons, smocks, and coveralls
7. plastic fish
8. fire extinguisher
9. poster from Edward Weston retrospective, Hotel de Sully, Paris, 1995
10. license plate from my old orange VW Super Beatle that met a most untimely end

work in progress…

Thursday, April 10th, 2008


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