Select paintings can be purchased at Chandler Fine Art in downtown San Francisco, Water Street Gallery in Douglas, MI, as well as from the artist's studio. Feel free to contact the gallery or the artist for current availability and pricing.

New Work


True Love Machine Riptide The Art of Levitation California! This Dream In Red Placebo Gift. (Secret) A Complicated Remedy Oh Golly!
Painting Machine Line Revenge Devoured Thirty Five Stone's Throw Memorial Burn Dreamsicle Black Eye The Loss of Gravity!


As Above, So Below Metropolis No Sleep In Swampland After Remedios... Unexpected Journey Better Left Undone 3am Cathedral Forget Me Knot

Cabinet Of Curiosities

So Fragile, This Little Thing Basho's Revenge Basho's Revenge (detail) Basho's Revenge (detail) Intimacy Of Line Something Blue Double Or Nothing Weeds Tend To Be Opportunists Terrible Beauty
Cabinet Of Curiosities Blackbirds Are Particularly Voracious Feeders Here Comes Trouble


The Obvious Solution The Unfortunate Code (aerial view) Blueprint, Red Ladder Between Line and Shadows... The Ladder Cipher The Lost Tango Of Red And Blue B Section This Humanity Bird of Beauty
Gravity Labyrinth The Other Side of Black The Other Side of Black (detail)


A Refreshing Lack of Irony A Refreshing Lack of Irony (detail) Bubble Gum And Landmines Bubble Gum And Landmines (detail) David's Last Word David's Last Word (detail) <i>Lilac Wine</i> Simple Pleasures for a Complicated Mind Remedy
This Small Sacrifice The Misunderstood Lullaby Plan B High Rise My Secret Mind I'm Not Lost, I Just Forget Sometimes Rutt.

The Beginning Of Alchemy

Descartes' Whirl “The Refutation of Skepticism” The Age of Doubt Nine Planets, Four Stars, 3 Birds Amongst Them Saturnine Night Arcane Red Rules For The Direction Of The Mind The First Thought The Blackening
Rules For The Distraction Of The Mind Red Means Red Last Chance Soul Sweet You <i>True Believer</i> Forty Winks The Beginning Of Alchemy Distillation Red Sweet Thrill
Of Lead And Blue The Proof Of Elation 1 Part Salt, 2 Parts Helium 100 Years Or More... Timing Is Everything Controlled Burn One Part Gravity, 2 Parts Helium

Of Fears And Recollections

American Box 1440 Seconds of Intermittent Ecstasy Fear Of Flying (More Realized) Before I Was Born Strange Fruit A. Narrative Fear Of Flying (study) Section 60 Paper Beats Scissors
Crash My Violent Line Cynicism Takes Gold

In The Beginning...

Het’s Madness (also Het’s Brilliance) Pleiades Yesterday’s Burden Last Visit Hominoid
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